ECO PM Constant Flow Sampling Pump

ECO PM is the constant flow sampling pump which has default settings for PM sampling according to EPA40 CFR Part 50 and EN12341.

  • <p>Easy to Use</p>

    Easy to Use

  • <p>Ergonomic Design</p>

    Ergonomic Design

  • <p>High Technology</p>

    High Technology

  • <p>High Accuracy</p>

    High Accuracy

General Features

  • Fast and stable deviation control
  • Default settings for selected method
  • Resistance to high vacuum pressure
  • User-defined rules
  • Receiving data via USB interface
  • Large and color touch screen
  • Light and tough design
  • 20 samples internal memory Data retrieval
  • Print out with internal printer
  • Via USB to computer.

ECO PM is the best and easiest way to sample particulate matter for ambient samplings. All necessary settings come with the software and all you need to do is load clean filter and start sampler.

ECO PM also can be used at emission sampling such as humidity in stack. As well as all needed settings come with device, ECO PM has a “user defined” sampling menu that can be used with desired flow, additional K type thermocouple, desired sampled volume in desired time.

ECO PM has a light and durable case. There are two handles to carry it safely.

ECO PM can be used with any sampling head that EPA and EN approved for low volume samplers.

Technical Specifications

20 kg
40,9 x 30,8 x 41,2 cm
Power Supply
230 Vac / 6 A
Flow Range
10 I/min 50 I/min
Flow Resolution
0,01 I/min
Flow Accuracy
10-50 I/min for %4 I/min
Temperature Range
-55oC +125oC
Temperature Resolution
Temperature Accuracy
-10oC +85oC (+/- 0,5oC)
Pressure Range
0-1034,2 hpa
Pressure Resolution
0,01 hpa
Pressure Accuracy
%0,25 hpa
Sampling Heads
EN12341, EPA 40 Part 50
Working Temperature
-10 +50 oC