ECO NHTD Non-Heated Isokinetic Sampling Probe Series

ECO NHTD is the basic probe that can be used for sources which do not required heated line. Each NHTD includes;

  • Nozzle set
  • S Type pitot
  • 47mm stainless steel filter holder
  • Main cable set.
  • <p>Easy to Use</p>

    Easy to Use

  • <p>Ergonomic Design</p>

    Ergonomic Design

General Features

  • Differential Pressure measurement with S Type Pitot
  • Temperature measurement with K Type Thermocouple
  • Stainless steel material


S Type Pitot Tube
All S Type pitot tubes being produced according to EN 10780 requirements and checking as mentionedin EN 10780 Section 5.2.2.

K Type Thermocouple
K Type Thermocouple supplies with standard socket. Accuracy is 0.2 °C.

Nozzle Set
All nozzles being produced according to EN 13284-1 and by 316 Stainless-steel. A set includes,4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 ve 14 mm nozzles.

Filter Holder
All filter holders and filter support into it, being made by 316 Stainless-steel. And suitable to use with 47mm filters.


NHTD, Non-Heated Isokinetic Sampling Probe
Code Option
ECO-152-01 0.5m
ECO-152-02 1.0m
ECO-152-03 1.5m
ECO-152-04 2.0m
ECO-152-05 2.5m
ECO-152-09 Customer Demand

Technical Specifications

3.4kg (1.5m)