ECO HTD Heated Isokinetic Sampling Probe Series

Titanium options are now available!

ECO HTD is the heated probe series that fully compatible with ECO ISO and/or ECO Heater. Each ECO HTD includes,

  • Nozzle Set
  • S Type pitot
  • 47 mm filter holder
  • Heating box
  • Cooling box
  • Main cable set.
  • <p>Easy to Use</p>

    Easy to Use

  • <p>Ergonomic Design</p>

    Ergonomic Design

General Features

  • Differential Pressure measurement with S Type Pitot
  • Temperature measurement with K Type Thermocouple
  • Separate heating controller for probe and filter box
  • Stainless steel or Titanium material
  • Ready to use with Glass or Quartz sampling accessories


S Type Pitot Tube
All S Type pitot tubes being produced according to EN 10780 requirements and checking as mentionedin EN 10780 Section 5.2.2.

K Type Thermocouple
K Type Thermocouple supplies with standard socket. Accuracy is 0.2 °C.

Nozzle Set
All nozzles being produced according to EN 13284-1 and by 316 Stainless-steel. A set includes,4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 ve 14 mm nozzles.

Filter Holder
All filter holders and filter support into it, being made by 316 Stainless-steel. And suitable to use with 47mm filters.

Heated Filter Box
Heated filter box being made by Aluminum to be strong and has a design that brings good distribution heat in the box.
Heated filter box temperature can be controlled by ECO ISO with just few touches. 

Impinger / Cooling Box
Impinger box being made by aluminum to be strong and light. It’s completely compatible with glassware set. An optional PT100 set can be used to see and record temperature in the box and outer point of the last impinger with ECO ISO.


HTD,  All Stainless Steel Sampling Probe
Code Option
ECO-151-01 0.5m
ECO-151-02 1.0m
ECO-151-03 1.5m
ECO-151-04 2.0m
ECO-151-05 2.5m
ECO-151-09 Customer Demand

HTD, Inner Titanium Sampling Probe
Code Option
ECO-151-21 0.5m
ECO-151-22 1.0m
ECO-151-23 1.5m
ECO-151-24 2.0m

HTD, All Titanium Sampling Probe
Code Option
ECO-151-11 0.5m
ECO-151-12 1.0m
ECO-151-13 1.5m
ECO-151-14 2.0m

Technical Specifications

13 kg (1.5m)
Power Supply
Supplied from ECO ISO or ECO Heater
Max Temperature