ECO DDS Low Flow Sampler with Dynamic Dilution

ECO DDS is the VOC customized low flow sampling device with dynamic dilution system and heated probe compatible to EN13649.

  • <p>Easy to Use</p>

    Easy to Use

  • <p>Ergonomic Design</p>

    Ergonomic Design

  • <p>High Accuracy</p>

    High Accuracy

General Features

  • Compatible to EN 13649
  • Heated mixing chamber and suction pipe
  • Separate main and dilution line
  • Absorption temperature
  • Additional gas inlet for dilution line


There are two separate lines in ECO DDS and each line has its own dry gas meter, PT100 sensor on DGM, flowmeter, needle valve, trap, and pump. Also, mainline has a vacuum gauge.

Thanks to dry gas meter, user can have stabile flow and can read volume sampled. To correct sampled volume to reference conditions, user may use digital PT100 sensor mounted right inlet of the dry meters and vacuum gauge.

The combination of flowmeter and needle valve helps the user to get stabile flow.

Bigger traps help to protect device from accidental pollution and help to reduce humidity from stack gas and reduce the organic compounds and humidity from gas that used as dilution gas.

User can use Nitrogen as dilution gas using dilution line, there is an additional inlet for Nitrogen on the device.

The Best part is, now ECO DDS has heated probe with heated suction pipe. As mentioned in EN 13649:2014, sampling with outstack heated filter needs heated sampling probe-pipe. As well as the pipe, mixing chamber can be heated via controller mounted on ECO DDS.

Most important thing is in Organic Compounds samplings is the absorption temperature. ECO DDS has a PT100 sensor right next to the Activated Carbon Tube to check absorption temperature.


What is new,
• Light and heated mixing chamber and suction pipe
• Absorption temperature indicator
• Vacuum gauge
• Additional gas inlet for dilution

Technical Specifications

14,2 kg
43,1 x 30,3 x 37,5 cm
Power Supply
230 Vac 6.3A
Working Temperature
0 - 50oC
Pump Type
Flow Range
0,15 - 1.0 I/min *
Accuracy of Volume, DGM
%+/-1.5 max.
Temperature Readings Resolution
Accuracy of Temperature Readings
Vacuum Gauge Resolution
0.01 bar