• Quick, real time, reliable and accurate assessment of indoor and outdoor WBGT index,
  • Real-time assessment of the PMV-PPD index (ISO7730)
  • Verification probe for assessement of the system calibration
  • Built-in radio thecnology for simultaneous, wireless mintoring in different location/heights
  • Rated IP54 to wishstand harsh environmental conditions
  • 8MB memory for extended data logging
  • Battery Life: 200h (with radio on 20h)
  • Automatic start-stop of measurement
  • Probe design and performance according to ISO7726
  • GIDAS TEA The most advanced software available on the market for Thermal Environment Analysis
  • Support for ISO7730 thermal comfort analysis with PMV and PPD index, heat and cold stress Predicted Heat Strein (PHS), Insulation Required (IREQ)

ECO-WBGT /Portable,Wireless WBGT Meter

Ürün Kodu: ECO-WBGT