• Microprocessor automatic volume correction,
  • Sampling head for 47mm cassette,
  • Complies with EN 12341: 2014 and EPA 40 standards time, volume or flow rate controlled sampling,
  • Permanent memory,
  • Real-time clock,
  • Ambient temperature measurement,
  • Internal printer,
  • Transfer of measurement data to PC environment by USB output,
  • GPS position information (Optional),
  • Instant monitoring of measurement data on the color touch screen,
  • Entering the firm name and measurement point data into the device,
  • Waterproof and outdoor cabin (IP65),
  • Selectable PM10 or PM2,5 sampling head,
  • Extensible measuring head,
  • Operating Temperature: -10 ° C ... + 50 ° C,
  • * PM10 header, temperature sensor, extension feet, cartridge and
    carrying case with filter holders It integrated. In this way, all parts can be transported without damage.

ECO-DAPM / Atmospheric Particulate Matter Sampler

  • Sampling Independent, microprocessor controlled sampling
    Sample Filter 47mm cassette filter
    Sampling Control Constant flow or constant volume
    Flow Control Mass flowmeter (temperature and pressure correction)
    Sampling Pump 4m3 / h
    Flow Range 1m3 / hour, 2.3m3 / hour or selectable flow rate
    Power source 230Vac / 50Hz, Max. 6A
    Panel Adjustable automatic operation according to standards
    (When the flow rate is out of the limit, the sampling stops and an invalid operation warning appears on the screen).
    Screen 5 "Color, touch screen
    Flow Limits User-defined (% deviation)
    Data Recording All data and event records, last 10 measurement memory
    Noise Level <45 dBA